Unconventional design, surprising features, breathtaking views – all the ingredients to help make you think in different, innovative ways.

We’ve got some pretty awesome offices and meeting spaces in Brighton, but across the world there’s some that are simply bonkers. Here’s just a few..

Innovation Labs at Engine Room – London, UK

The Innovation Lab has a number of interesting features such as tiered seating and vibrant quirky décor. It’s spinning four waltzers are a big feature; great for energetic sessions such as brainstorming and workshops.

What’s great about this room is that smaller groups can work in privacy when they’re rotated facing the corners of the room. By spinning them 180 degrees to face each other the space is transformed to facilitate open discussions and presentations to the other groups.

Quirky waltzers make the Innovation Lab at Engine Rooms a unique place to meet

Saatchi & Saatchi – Bankok, Thailand

You’d imagine people working here have some ‘wheely’ good ideas (sorry!) The office has a transport theme, with bike wheels as table legs in a couple of the meeting rooms. The advertising agency wanted space “that inspires, is genuinely fun to come to everyday, and that didn’t take itself too seriously” and they certainly got it!

Saatchi & Saatchi's workspace inspired brilliance

Poseidon Resort’s Underwater Resort, Maldives

This five star resort is based in a 1,000 foot luxury submersive in the Indian Ocean. Along with it’s many rooms, it boasts a library, theatre and conference room/wedding chapel.

The underwater views are panoramic due to the exterior surface of each room being made of 70% transparent acrylic. Each suite has an external fish feeder, promising eye-popping views of multi-coloured marine life.

Underwater resort Poseidon

Innocent Drinks – London, UK

Drinks company Innocent have a really quirky approach to meeting spaces and shared working environments – a quintessentially English space filled with artificial grass, picnic tables and bunting!

It’s British telephone boxes, games tables and booths makes space dynamic and it’s village communal area gives the ‘Fruit Towers’ a community feel. It’s a highly desirable place to work in the big smoke.

The quintessentially English Fruit Towers

Mind Candy – Shoreditch, London

Woodland themed desks, gumball machines, a huge red slide and crazy wallpaper adorns the Mind Candy offices in London. This helps the wacky Moshi Monster creators get in the right mind-set for designing children’s games.

Rustic woodland themed space at Mind Candy

So there we have it, just a handful of the worlds strangest. Let us know if you can top that!

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