Content marketing is where it’s at – we’re all engaging with it whether we like it or not.

“Content is king” – Bill Gates

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term content marketing is when brands share valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract an audience. It’s not about selling; it’s about building relationships and creating a community. Things we’re super passionate about.

Still not sure? Here’s some recent posts about Brighton Fringe to demonstrate…

1. Video

There are tons of different types of video out there, and if I listed them all I’d be going on forever.  Whatever type of video, a good one is succinct and memorable.

Optimum length of video varies between channels but it’s safe to say unless people are particularly interested in a topic they won’t focus for more than 45 seconds so keep ‘em short and sweet!

Instagram stories have become a really popular way to get your content out there, and Daily Brighton are totally on board. They’ve created some simple yet effective videos which they uploaded to their stories at the beginning of the Fringe. These showcase some Fringe highlights and welcome you to join in the fun.

Daily Brighton at the Fringe Insta story

2. GIFs

These peppy short videos are usually 2-3 seconds long and can be used to liven up messages you’re keen to share with your audience.

It’s been widely noted that people tend to remember very little text without visuals, so it’s better to accompany a post with something. A GIF is a great eye catcher, and a brilliant addition if you don’t have a photo you think will fit the bill.

In the run up to the Festival, Brighton Fringe were GIF fanatics, using these mini vids wherever possible. Here’s my fave of theirs..

3. Lists

Humans are wired to love lists – if in doubt, just check out Buzzfeed!

The great thing is there’s no magic number to a list. Some content marketing experts say the rule of ten works best and others say people prefer reading lists with odd numbers. What’s certain is, the more detailed the list the better.

Recently Visit Brighton did a great piece titled ’10 things you didn’t know about Brighton Fringe’ and they also jumped on #FridayFeeling which was trending on Twitter – double whammy!

4. Link site

A link page is a post that provides links to great resources around the web. The great thing about link posts is that they spread link love to other sites, provide your own site with authoritative SEO signals, and assert your influencer status within your field.

It’s always best to put a bit of blurb with the link, ideally an opinion or spin on what you’re linking to which’ll create interest and discussion.

BN1 Magazine created a #BN1Recommends series on Twitter, highlighting their Fringe picks – a great way for them to get involved in the conversation and highlight their knowledge in the field.

5. Interviews

What’s great about an interview is that they’re unique – no one else has the exact same insight as you.

You can use the content as you see fit – as one long video or smaller videos which you can release one by one to create interest and delve into specific topics.

Another great things about interviews is that you can also release them as an article, meaning you’ve got a couple of different formats through which you can share information.

Komedia interviewed theatre company ‘In Bed with my Brother’ currently touring with their Fringe show ‘I am Ian.’ This was a brilliant way of highlighting their unique insight into the shows happening at their venue and selling tickets in the process.

Komedia Interview 'In bed with my brother' for Brighton Fringe


 6. Quiz

Not only are quizzes a great way to engage your audience, they’re a great way to collate data that you would have had to otherwise gain from more drawn out processes. Gamification (using the fun elements of games and applying them to non game activities) is an excellent way to spice up your content marketing – making your audience actively engaged.

The Warren Theatre kicked off the opening of the fringe on Thursday by showcasing some spectacular fireworks. Not only this they’ve created a handy ‘Fringifinder’ to help you find your ideal fringe show in just a few clicks. Just a few simple questions and voila you’re there.

The Warren's Fringifest quiz

 7. Blogs 

It may surprise you that I didn’t start with this, as blogs are often the first thing that comes to mind when people think content marketing—but that’s only because blogs are such a natural way to promote your message. By blogging you’re creating a resource for your customers and a place that reinforces your brand.

Blogs are also a nice way to get further detail out there about something that doesn’t fit into a tweet, Insta post or Facebook message.

The Reviews Hub, sponsoring the Literature and Spoken Word section of this years Fringe, has been blogging regularly about all aspects of the festival. They’ve often been re-tweeted by the Fringe itself, which drives traffic to their site.

So there’s just a few examples of content marketing to whet your appetite. Hopefully if you weren’t quite with us before you are now!

If you’d like to find out more about content marketing or would like to discuss how we can work with you to improve yours, drop us a line at

Until next time amigos.