We’re only one week into 2018 but so much has happened already – from Mark Zuckerburg announcing his resolve to fix Facebook’s problems to YouTuber Logan Paul facing a major backlash for an extremely tasteless video.

So here’s what some of what last week’s had us thinking…

  1. Has Logan Paul killed influencer marketing?

No he’s not! But his extremely poorly judged and tasteless video depicting an apparent suicide victim in Aokigahara forest, Japan, has raised questions for brands and businesses across the globe about exactly who they get involved with.

Logan and his brother Jake Paul have been raking in the six figures sums thanks to their work with brands wanting to piggy back on their influence and popularity in YouTube and beyond, but they’re going to be hard-pressed to find reputable companies wanting to work with them now.

The lesson here is whether using a really local influencer or you have the budget to get into bed with someone on Logan’s level be careful, do you research, be sure to protect yourself and your reputation.

  1. Can Mark Zuckerburg really curb the hate and abuse rife in Facebook?

In the words of the man himself “Facebook has a lot of work to do”.

As part of his now traditional New Year message Mark Zuckerburg acknowledged the “many errors enforcing our policies and preventing misuse of our tools.”

These errors have been compounded by what Mark says is an “anxious and divided” world, so he and the team need to do more to not just help protect its community from hate but to also ensure the platform isn’t misused by Governments, companies and individuals looking to exploit the data available in Facebook.

So what can they do? And what does this mean for you? Well we don’t have the answer, but we do know from his statement is that this year he is focussed and committed – he seems to understand the massive responsibility on his and Facebook’s shoulders. Changing how abuses are reported and making that system simpler could be a way forward, but balancing free speech and the laws of every country with the platforms original goals is a tricky one – watch this space.

  1. Will forcing users to watch ads turn them against Snapchat?

Instagram Stories already has more daily active users than Snapchat, and while Snap Inc. have made some changes recently it hasn’t caught up yet.

So with Snap Inc. CEO, Evan Spiegel now considering forces users to watch at least 3 seconds of ads on Snapchat, which by the way are a fairly recent edition anyway, could we see a mass exodus? We don’t think so, but will we see increased users? Probably not.

Millennials and Generation Z are already spending their time elsewhere, in more closed networks, which is what Snapchat was originally, and in messenger apps so we probably won’t see more of them coming to Snapchat, we’re likely to see a new player emerge and Snapchat’s focus shift – which it needs to if they’re ever going to make any profit.

So if you’re not using Snapchat for your business yet it’s not the end of the world, but if you’re target audience still are, you’re not going to lose anything by giving it a try – especially if you’ve got the funds to advertise there.

  1. Where are Stories going in 2018?

Instagram Stories quickly overtook Snapchat’s daily active users in 2016/17, and despite Facebook’s Stories clone not really taking off in the same way the bosses at Facebook/Instagram have started testing allowing users to post Insta Stories to WhatsApp.

One of Social Chain’s 5 predictions for 2018 was that Stories will go deeper than ever before and we agree. We love Stories and think you should too – they are a great way for your business to be discovered by visiting Instagram users and a fantastic way to show off your company culture.

If you’re not already using them you really should. We definitely plan to use them more this year.

  1. Will live video take over the world?

In 2017 Facebook’s biggest live video hit 80 million views. That video was of the One Love Manchester concert, a benefit for the victims of the Manchester terror attack.

We also saw Instagram live gain momentum and despite Spectacles, Snapchat’s video filming sunglasses, not going that well, ACE Eyewear are now releasing a version that can be used with Facebook, Instagram and YouTube live.

Interestingly two people can now share an Instagram live stream too, and it seems they and the other platforms continue to put effort into making live a feature that we all want to spend more time with.

So it looks like live may continue to be popular in 2018 –  give it a try.

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