Richard Branson once said

“Technology shouldn’t replace physical connections, but empower us to make more of them.”

With that in mind, we decided to create Let’s Meet – a website which connects venues and those looking for spaces. Our aim is to help venues make the best use of their space, whilst helping people to take some time out of their normal working environment to get creative.

We’re not fans of corporate schmaltz, but rather down to earth graft and creativity. With Brighton being an entrepreneurial hub, we figured it’s the perfect place for our website. There are also many truly awesome meeting places in our seaside town that people aren’t yet aware of.

But of course, a business doesn’t magic itself out of thin air and we’re taking some time to build a product that will bring real value for both venues and space seekers alike. So we figured rather than just keeping you in the dark, we’d tell you how we’re doing that.

These days it’s rare to have genuine insight into a service or product you’re buying – typically you see the shiny end product with little context about how it came to be as it is. It’s like skipping to the last chapter of a book. We think it’s high time you had the option to read the pages, or at least flick through them if you wish.

So, going forward we’ll be sharing our story with you, as well as introducing you to our service.  We’ll be launching the website officially in January, but until then – hope you enjoy our blogs!

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