CHRISTMAS! There I said it!

Like ripping off a plaster, the quicker you get your festive marketing plan sorted the better!

If you look after marketing or sales for a local venue and haven’t thought about Christmas yet you’re already on the back foot! I know it feels like 2016 was just last week but believe it or not there’s only 90 days until Christmas!

Google began seeing more searches for it in July and as you can see the search term is increasing in popularity.

In fact, The John Lewis Christmas Market at Oxford Street, London opened up just last week.

On the ball businesses will have already started advertising their spaces and tables for hire. The really good ones have their Christmas menu on their website alongside a button to book or enquire.

So let’s assume you’ve not thought about it yet – don’t worry, it happens, you’ve still got time.
Here’s just a few ideas for your festive marketing:

  1. Create a Christmas landing page

Go do some googling, when searching ‘Christmas party venue Brighton’ you’ll find most of the top results are from websites with dedicated Christmas landing pages and well thought out, SEO (Search Engine Optimised) copy.

By having your own page, or even blog, dedicated to your Christmas menu, opening times, available spaces and images from past festive celebrations you’re increasing your chances of being found. Of course spending some money in Google Adwords could be advantageous too.

  1. Use Twitter search

Search for users talking about office Christmas parties, Christmas dinner, booking venues in Brighton, looking for recommendations etc.

They’re all potential customers so once you’ve found them get involved in their conversations, build a rapport and tell them what you have to offer. Talk about why your venue is the place to be for Christmas but do it in your style, be social and don’t just be a salesperson.

  1. Use ‘hidden’ customer content

Many visitors to your venue use Instagram to check in and share what they’re up to. A lot of the time they don’t even tag your business so you won’t get notified of it.

But there is a way to find these customer generated posts and use them to your advantage.

Utilise Instagram’s search function to find Images posted from your venue. Scroll back and find one’s from Christmas last year and repost them to your feed, showing off what a great time customers were having. Maybe look to do it on a Thursday or Friday leveraging the #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday hashtags.

The video below walks you through the process on Instagram. But to repost you’ll also need to download an app like Repost.


  1. Plan your festive December content

Each year we wait eagerly to see what John Lewis and the like have come up with to promote their products over the Christmas period.

Their adverts have become much less about selling however, they’re more about building brand advocacy and loyalty. They evoke emotion and make you feel all warm and fuzzy, a bit emotional, or for some just a little queasy! But the point is they create a reaction and almost always go viral.

Now I’m assuming you don’t have the marketing budget of John Lewis so I’m not suggesting you plan something to that scale, but you can still plan something emotive, something to pull at the heart strings. It doesn’t need big production value.

I hope today’s blog gave you a few ideas, and maybe a little inspiration, now get planning your kick-ass festive marketing campaign!

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