This is Mel and James, co-founders of Let’s Meet.

They have a passion for using the digital world to make others lives easier.

Mel came up with the idea for Let’s meet in 2014 after spending six hours searching online and calling countless hotels, universities and organisations to find a meeting room for an event. Needless to say she was pulling her hair out by the time she found it. Then and there, she came up with the concept for Let’s Meet, a website which helps you to book a meeting room hassle free. However, she just needed someone with additional digital savvy and prowess to help her get it off the ground.

Thankfully, the stars aligned and Mel met James, digital guru who jumped at the chance of coming on board. James, a master of all things social and content brings a creative flair to Let’s Meet.

Mel and James have over 10 years of marketing experience between them and bring a fresh take on booking spaces – whether it’s to meet up for a laugh, build a team or make plans to take over the world. It’s not suits, briefcases and pie charts anymore, it’s all about finding the best place to get together and get creative.

As well as the website, Mel and James also run a digital marketing company, with a niche focus on local businesses.

James has a proven track record in utilising his knowledge, alongside his flair for public speaking and coaching, to help companies increase website traffic and audience engagement.

Mel’s project work and copywriting skills have helped charities and businesses alike to improve brand awareness, exceed campaign targets and feature in national publications.

Their core values are those of trust, honesty, simplicity and fun. These are also the foundations of Let’s Meet.

Drop them an email at and they’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

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