You don’t need a fancy strategy or a big budget to win on social media, all you need is a dose of knowledge, a sprinkle of humour and a dash of creativity!

And of course the secret sauce – a thirst to bring value to your audience (customers) with the simple objective of building relationships with them, bringing them into your world and making it a place they’ll want to join you in. It can never be just about selling.

To demonstrate this I wanted to show you some of my favourite venues killing it on social media by building relationships with creativity and fantasticness (yes that is now a word).

Let’s get to it…

Malmazing Tweets

The team at Malmaison have brought their stylish and fun vibe to Twitter, making you WANT to be there and providing a great insight on what you’ll be treated to when you arrive.

What’s brilliant about their feed is it isn’t just their voice speaking but their customers too. They’re ‘crowd sourcing’ of a sort, encouraging customers to get involved on Twitter and creating conversations in a very natural way.

On f9rm Instas

If you want a lesson into building a collaborative community of like-minded, creative and inspiring people and businesses – either online or off – look no further than Platf9rm.

Not only is their Instagram feed professional and fiercely on brand, it mirrors style and creativity their physical space exudes. Their fantastic involvement of the members of their space also creates a sense of established community.

I’m enjoying their ‘Red Nine’ posts too, a great way to get the city involved. And their hashtags are on point!

Marwonderful Faceposts

Remember what I said about social media being more than just about selling? Well Marwood Bar and Coffeehouse are the masters of making you feel part of their gang and giving you a little value in the process – in the form of cake!

They’ve nailed the use of video in Facebook, injecting their fun, quirky little coffeehouse vibe into their page.

So, what did you think? Agree that they’re killing it?

If you don’t, then just check them out for a while, you may be won over.

Did you notice they all have something in common? Relationships, community, a love for Brighton & Hove.

It’s obvious that they want to be part of the communities they’re involved in, it’s not just about taking their customer’s money; and that is exactly how it should feel.

Social media is just that – social!

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P.S. In the interest of honesty, while we’ve spoken to some of these venues about social media they’ve all done this without our help, and you can too! But if you do need a little nudge in the right direction or a bit more knowledge, you know where we are.