On Sunday I completed my very first Brighton Marathon and in the run up (pardon the pun) I noticed some parallels with training to run 26.2 miles and running a successful business.

So I thought I’d ask friend of Let’s Meet and fellow runner Matt Chambers of Madison Web Solutions for his thoughts.

Matt says:

  1. Be patient

You don’t arrive anywhere worth going fast. Whether that be running a marathon or building a business patience is key………

  1. Join a club

Community is so important for support during the tough times and for building customer base and business partnerships. Brighton’s Chamber of Commerce is great for building business relationships, and Wilde Health has been a great running coach over the years. Often finding good advice and someone who can give you the encouraging push when you feel like easing off can really keep you on point (for training and Business alike)

  1. Set more than one goal

You can’t predict the future, or the weather, so think about the best and worst outcomes. How will you weather the storm? Be realistic and set goals you truly believe you can achieve, but most of all, be prepared to change the plan mid course but keep focused on the end goal. You may find while running you get tired sooner than you imagine, don’t push harder, slow down listen to your body and build strength to make sure you make it to the end and don’t fall short. The same can be said in business, expanding fast without consideration for how sustainable the growth is can lead to disaster far more times than I would like to say.

  1. Don’t stress yourself out

Remove those outside stresses. That may mean turning down that Friday night out or simply saying no to a client you’re too busy to take work from. Knowing what to leave out of your business or training growth is as important as what you keep or bring in.

Matt Chambers of Madison Web Solutions runs the London Marathon

And one last from me:

  1. Visualise success

I ran this weekend for Mind, the mental health charity, and for me mental health is just as important as physical health. In anything I do visualising the end goal, the success, crossing the finish line is incredibly powerful.

I know what the success of Let’s Meet looks like it, I can see it in my mind, and I hope that means we’ll get there. The same goes for running 26.2 miles – mind over matter!

If you’re able to donate to Mind, there’s still time to do so here. It would mean a lot.

The Mind runners raising donations for Mind, the mental health charity, at Brighton Marathon 2017

Thanks to Matt for sharing his thoughts.