They say a picture is worth a thousand words so what is an emoji worth? As much, it seems.

Emojipedia announced at the end of April that you can now search by emoji on Twitter, making it easier see what your customers are talking about and target them with content marketing goodness.

The use of emojis has grown rapidly; particularly as mobile use has sky-rocketed. People like them as they provide an extra level of context, detail or emotion. They also catch your attention and add a bit of spice or humour.

What’s more, you can get your message across more concisely then through text. This is especially useful on micro messaging platforms such as Twitter.

The handy update means that that you can search for these little cartoon like folk not only within tweets, but also usernames. Just type an emoji or combination of them into the ‘Advanced Search,’ pick your location and voila, you’ll have a list displaying them.

So you may be asking, how could this help me improve my business marketing? A couple of ways – which I’ll highlight below.

There’s many a cocktail fiend in our sunny seaside town, so thought I’d use this as an example… 

Cocktail emoji search in Twitter

By looking at a few profiles that’ve used the emoji you’ll be able to distinguish the demographic of those using it and see whether this aligns with your market.

In this instance, it’s primarily women 18 – 35 years old tweeting about their Friday night blowouts.

You can also use it to sanity check before you brand any tweets you’re not sure about. Just take a look at what people commonly use that emoji for and see if it’s appropriate. If people are using it negatively, veer away from using it. Or if you’re feeling bold embrace it, and throw in a bit of humour along with it.

Also, have a look at what hashtags they’re using; if quite a few people are using the same it might be something you’d like to include within your tweet too.

Likewise, using combos of popular emojis within your niche, you may be able to find some connection to relevant users.  Again, you can use this for targeting.

The most important thing to remember? Emoji’s are fun, so use them with that in mind!

Oh, and on the subject of emoji’s there’s some really cool ones coming this year – genie, vampire, breastfeeding woman, merperson, climber, t-rex and more. What’s not to love!